About Heidi

My name is Heidi. I like to consider myself as an artist and my experiences in the kitchen are certainly an extension of that mentality. I grew up in a home that had somewhat limited resources and essentially taught myself to cook at a young age through trial and error. I never used cookbooks, or followed recipes. The joy of cooking for me has always been in the improvisational nature of it.
I never really put too much thought into my skills as a cook, I simply do it because I love to create. While I always had the opinion that the food I create is delicious it hadn’t occurred to me as something to share or be proud of until my friends and family had repeatedly complimented on my cooking. Over time there was an increase in the frequency of requests for recipes. Because I have never been in the habit of recording what I do while I play with colors, flavors and aromas in the kitchen I always just shrugged and told them I didn’t have any.
Working at Attar has been a magical experience for me. It is so inspiring to have such a wide variety of fresh quality herbs and spices at my disposal. I’ve never before had a job where I was excited by the prospect of “bringing work home”. My contributions to the blog will be some of my first official attempts to create recipes out of my cooking adventures. I think it is going to be a fun and delicious challenge for me and I hope you also agree!

With Love and Cinnamon,

If you are interested in checking out my visual art projects go to www.orchidskye.com.

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