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Thanks for taking the time to read Attar’s Spice-Infused Blog. We are a family-owned business fortunate to live in the heart of the beautious Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. Three years ago, my husband and I stumbled upon Attar and fell in love with it. I guess you could say it was love at first smell. The scents are divine!

I have forever loved plants. My earliest memory of adoring plants was picking a big bouquet of the beautiful pink lady slipper for my mom, as a little girl, only to be told they were endangered and to never pick them again (pretty sure she appreciated the thought though;) Many identification books, herb walks and classes later, I am so fortunate to get to spend each day working with the amazing plethora of gifts that plants and flowers offer us. Truly awe-inspiring.

I am mother to three beautiful children; Myles, Eathan and Autumn and wife to one special man, Erik. As a family business, my parents are often involved as well. You’ll get to know Joyce, my mom. She has that amazing grandmotherly knack in the kitchen. Everything is from scratch and even as an adult I marvel at how she makes an outstanding dinner appear so effortlessly.

Speaking of meals, I wish you to know that I hold sacred the family meal. I believe it is essential to a healthy family. Our family shares the work of meal prep, table setting and clean-up. Before each meal we bow our heads in gratitude to the Earth for our food and for those that have labored to bring it to our plate. We never allow cell-phones at the table. Most importantly, we share our days. We share our triumphs and joys, our challenges and frustrations and our hopes for tomorrow. We laugh (a lot), we get rowdy and we create a bond.

I look forward to sharing with you the foods that help create meaning for us around our table and hope that they might inspire a family meal for you and many a shared moments together.

Sweet and Spicely Yours,


2 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. Judy

    Melissa….it’s lovely to hear that you place great value on your family mealtimes. That requires a strong determination to make it happen. Good for you! I was a little surprised to hear you say that you bow your head & give thanks to the Earth….rather than the Creator of the Earth. Don’t you think it took someone with an artistic hand to create all this beauty….especially all those sweet-smelling herbs our senses delight in?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Attarherbs Post author

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Judy. What an interesting note. We give thanks daily for the Earth and the creator of all. What an amazing
      gift we are given to care for full of such amazing sensory delights. A true bounty. Be well.


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