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Sweet Smoked Paprika, Avocado and Arugula Toast- Breakfast of Sheroes

Avocado Arugala Sweet Smoked Paprika Toast

Breakfast. Happens every morning. Why is it I am so good at making sure that my kiddos have a hearty and healthy start to the day and yet I don’t hold myself to those same expectations. I kid you not. I go to great lengths to assure that *most* read not every but most days they’ll have something that surpasses the nutrient-void, carb-ridden, overly sugar-laden boxed breakfast. I secretly and now openly despise breakfast in a box. It feels so empty and yet so full of… temptation. It’s sinful. I’m sure I’m generalizing, but it’s true. So, what I’ve begun to notice about myself is that on the rare morning that I start my day with good sustenance, I don’t crash as hard in that mid-afternoon, early-evening period. You know that time. The part of the day when all aspects of life converge into a tiny timeslot where everyone and everything in your world is needing your attention. It’s time to pick up the kids; prep for dinner; help with homework or referee a fight and the phone usually rings, which by the way is always lost and requiring an APB and full-out search team, so there’s that too.

These things happen every. single. day. It’s not new and it’s not newsworthy. We deal and sometimes we crush it all. I do find for me that when I make myself something yum and hearty and healthy my odds are greater that I can handle it like an everyday Mama Shero. To start my day right I have to consciously tell myself that super-sheroes cannot survive on coffee alone. We can do amazing leaps with a good cup…we just can’t sustain them. The next part requires an openness to imagine morning nourishment as different than what we’ve been brought up to expect. It doesn’t come from a box, nor does it have to include maple syrup or even an egg. We can do it different. However we’d like.

This morning I made a mashed avocado, arugula toast with sweet smoked paprika and habanero sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil. It was plate-lickin’ great! And I feel great. Today at 3:30 exactly I am going to thank myself for that breakfast that’s allowed me to kick-it-all-day-long. I do have lunch too-I am only a recovering and chronic breakfast skipper!

What is your favorite way to jump-start the day? Do you notice an increased energy throughout the day when you make time for morning nourishment?